Playa Hermosa

Yes, 4X4s can get stuck in the mud

Not all roads in Costa Rica are well-paved
(and this is the middle of the dry season)

Luckily, the car rental place didn't see this photo

We "visited" Playa Hermosa on the way to Uvita and discovered that contrary to what Frommer's printed in their guidebook; the beach is no longer accessible. The road to Hermosa looked docile enough, although it did disappear into a dense jungle. However, once we had gotten half way down the road to the beach, we realized that it was impassable, despite our 4 wheel-drive vehicle. We attempted to turn around and get back on the main road, but got stuck in the process in two-foot deep mud and packed, rutted dirt hills. We were stuck there for about an hour while we tried different strategies to get out of the mud. Luckily, we were in the shade the whole time as the dense jungle covered us and protected us from the hot sun. After about 45 minutes or so, I wrote the following song that would have made "Guns and Roses" proud:

"Welcome to Playa Hermosa,
The road gets worse here every day. . . .

You know where you are?
Your on the road to Playa Hermosa, baby
You're gunna diiiiieeeee!!!!"

Anyway, after about an hour of trying to get out, I suggested that we say a brief prayer. The very next time we tried to get out, our prayers were answered and the Lord lifted us out of the miry pit and put us back on solid ground. We were very thankful to be free, and didn't attempt to go to Hermosa again.


The "point"
Just south of Dominical lies Roca Verde and a brief walk further south is Dominicalito. Dominicalito, which literally means, "little Dominical" is a small stretch of beach that was non-eventful and unimpressive both times we visited. There were a few places that seemed nice for surfing, especially one place the locals called "the point" and Dan even returned back from there one evening reporting that the water was clear, the waves were nice, and it was the most beautiful place he had surfed all week. Dominicalito was not the focus of our trip, so we didn't spend much time there. I returned there one evening when Dan was off surfing, but after spending only five minutes there and getting my 4X4 stuck, I left and never returned again.

Almost sunset

Dan finally catches a decent wave

A view from the Point

Sunset at the Point
Costa Rica 2000
The Village of Dominical
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