Saving Private Ryan :
One man's personal account of D-day

Steven Spielberg's movie, Saving Private Ryan is a vivid tale of several soldier's experiences during World War II before, during, and after the D-day invasion of France at Omaha beach (Normandy.) My grandfather, Lt. Col John G Burkhalter, was a proud member of the famous "fighting first" infantry on the tenth wave at Omaha beach. He passed away in 1992 at the age of 83. He was a very private man, never sharing exploits of his days in the service. Seeing the movie Saving Private Ryan gave me some clues as to why. After coming home from Saving Private Ryan, I decided to attempt to tell his story. Going through his many old trunks and records, I found newspaper articles and letters that tell a personal account of what took place at the D-day invasion at Normandy.

The following webpages tell the story of one man, his faith, and his determination
to serve his country and his God.

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