"Where Valor Proudly Rests"

John G. Burkhalter died on September 30, 1992 at the age of 83. Funeral services were held at Temple Baptist Church (renamed Riva Community Church after Rev. Burkhalter retired in 1987), the last church he founded and pastored. Lieutenant Colonel Burkhalter was buried in Arlington National Cemetery with full military honors on October 6th. The power of that day will be with me forever. Chaplain Burkhalter is buried on "Chaplain’s Hill," a beautiful hill overlooking the Potomac river and the city of Washington D.C.

The measure of a man

How do you measure a man? Do you measure him by his stature, accomplishments, and position, or do you measure him by his heart, humanity, and ideals? You could use any variety of measures, but the best answer is, you use a combination of all these factors and more. Regardless of what measure you use on John G. Burkhalter, the end result is the same. Throughout his life he was a man of staunch conviction and selfless devotion. He believed in his country and the cause of freedom, risking his life in their defense. He believed in the values of a strong family, caring for and loving his wife and training up his children respectably. However most of all, he believed in God and His son Jesus Christ and this belief instilled passion into his every action. His uncompromising beliefs and moral values gave him the respect of his peers, as he was considered a man of integrity, worthy of one’s highest trust. John G. Burkhalter was not only a leader. He was one who led with honor. The world is a better place today because of his life, and I am proud to be his grandson.

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