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Note : All images of Washington DC are watermarked. Please read the following statement regarding the freedom of their use.

Statement of use concerning
Images on the Highrock Cafe website

The images used on the Highrock Cafe website (unless noted otherwise) are the property of Joseph Giove III, and were taken for my own personnal use, which includes their display on the Highrock Cafe website. They were never intended to be reproduced, sold, or distributed in any way. However, so many people have found my work useful for their varios projects, that I have placed the following statements on my site to govern the use of the images that are my property.

My photos of Washington DC have appeared in several noted publications and prominent websites inclding the yearbook of the 1999 Council of State Legislatures and on a particular page in the TravelGuides.com website. One of my photos of the Capital Building was scheduled to be in the October edition of Time Magazine, before the tragedies of September 11 cancelled the story.

Rules governing use of images

  • All images may be freely used for non-profit or educational purposes providing that photo credits are given to : Joseph Giove III, and a link is provided to the webpage the photo was taken from (where appropriate). It is also required that a copy of the final product be sent to Joseph Giove III, 23309 Wilderness Walk ct. Gaithersburg, Md. 20882

  • All images may be freely used (without credit) for one's own personal use provided that it is not for self-promotion, or other "for-profit" ventures. These types of appropriate uses would include screensavers, book covers, etc.

  • All other uses of the images on this website, will require permission in writing and where applicable, payment for the rights to reproduce these photos. "For profit" ventures like the reproduction of photos for the use in newspapers, national pamplets, catalogs, magazines, etc. typically cost between $200-$300. I can provide negatives, and/or prints of any size and will ship them FedEx Overnight. Lesser projects can be negotiated for cheaper prices.

List of some of the websites and publications using my photos:

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